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about recycle: Store Policies

Recycle Procedure


  1. 請先發相到 facebook/instagram 專頁 (a break 93),註明牌子作評估,請預留​48小時回覆。如衣物確定可回收,您可以:

    • 親臨本店:

      • 銅鑼灣白沙道8號4/F(唐5樓)或

    • 自付郵費速遞到銅鑼灣白沙道8號4/F (92110393,Ms Fu)

      • ​請於順豐平台查詢快件情況,恕不另外通知

  2. 店員會按款式及質素決定是否回收,由我們訂定價格,定價後不會另行個別通知

  3. 衣物於一星期後開始按天氣不定期陳列於店中40天

  4. 成功出售可得該衣物收入的2成作回贈,於寄賣期開始後的下一個月10號前以電郵通知寄賣者及轉帳到寄賣者戶口。未能賣出則不會另行通知。

  5. 如寄賣衣物未能於40天內出售,衣服歸 a break 93 所有,有機會作義賣、直接捐到慈善機構、或調整價格出售

  6. 所有送到店中的寄賣品均不能取回


  1. 女裝︰任何品牌、未剪牌或八成以上新的女裝及手袋

  2. 男裝︰需有牌子,只限上衣

  3. 當季衣服,須清潔、沒有破損

  4. 不回收衣物包括:內衣、絲襪、襪、胸圍、質地差劣衣飾、飾物、非正版貨等

*a break 93 保留修改以上條款與限制之權利,並不作另行通知。如有任何爭議,a break 93 將保留最終決定權。


  1. Please send photos of clothing to our Facebook or Instagram page (@abreak93) via messages, with brand names for reference. Replies will be made within 48 hours. Once we confirm the pieces that we can accept, you could either

    • bring the items to store at 4/F, 8 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

    • or SF Express them to us(92110393,Ms Fu), where you are responsible for the delivery fee

      • ​Please check courier company for tracking information, we hold no responsibility of the delivery. 

  2. Staff will check the condition of the items. Selling price will be determined by us.

  3. Once accepted, consigning items will be processed within 7 working days and put on rack for 40 days.

  4. If consigning items are sold within 40 days, there is a rebate of 20% of the selling price to your bank account. Details of sold items and rebate will be sent on 10th of the following month of selling date via email to consigners. No notifications will be made for unsold items.

  5. If consigning items are not sold within 40 days, the items belong to abreak93. There are possibilities of donation, charity sale and adjustment of prices of these items.

  6. All items sent to our store cannot be retrieved.

【Recycle criteria】

  1. Womenswear & bags: Any brands, intact price tags, or at least 80% new

  2. Shoes: brand new only.

  3. Menswear: Only tops and those with brands.

  4. In season clothing only, must be clean without tears

  5. Excluding items: underwear, stockings, socks, bras, poor quality items, accessories, illegal items

*a break 93 reserves the right of changing the above terms and conditions without announcements. If there is any dispute, a break 93 reserves the right of final decision. a break 93

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